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Vets Prevail

  1. Explanation
    1. Vets Prevail is a leader in digital behavioral health and resilience building. The anonymous program serves as a first step for Veterans readjusting to life outside the military or post-deployment, as well as those struggling with mental health issues. Vets Prevail provides a personalized online program that is specific to each individuals needs and demographics. This is done through a combination of peer coaching, online communities and interactive lessons.
  2. Benefits
    1. Veterans earn up to $75 in gift cards as they move through the programs and take advantage of the various tools on the site. These tools include online assessments, peer coaching, personalized training and an extensive online community. The assessments cover both clinical and demographic information so that the programs can be personalized to each user. The peer coaching consists of live support from fellow Veterans that have completed the VA’s Certified Peer Training Program, and are ready to help connect Veterans with appropriate resources. Personalized lessons serve as the base of the programs and are tailored to each Veteran’s clinical and demographic assessment. The Online Community connects the thousands of Veterans on the site so that they can help each other overcome the same challenges in an online and anonymous setting.
  3. Eligibility
    1. This program is open to anyone who served in the United States Armed Forces, regardless of branch, time of service, or combat experience.
  4. How it works
    1. Navigate to Vets Prevail
    2. Take the 5 minute clinical assessment and review your results
    3. Once you’re satisfied with your results – Start your program
    4. If you have any questions or concerns – Contact Vets Prevail