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Operation Fit-Vet

Operation Fit-Vet


Benefits for American Heroes Foundation are dedicated to providing our heroes with the ability to improve their physical and mental health. We have developed an initiative that will offer a positive impact on the lives of our Veterans and their families through group physical fitness and wellness programs.

Operation Fit-Vet was designed to work with local group fitness programs to give our heroes a healthy start to a sustainable fitness plan. We have teamed up with local fitness consultants¬†U R Crossfit and¬†Youtriment to offer a comprehensive program to improve the physical, nutritional, and mental health of our Veterans. Through this program our Veterans will receive a 1 year paid membership to their local (Crossfit, Bootcamp, etc…). We will also equip our Veterans with an easy to follow nutrition plan that will help them transition from their current lifestyle to a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Why are we focused on this initiative?

The benefits of a healthier life style are hard to ignore. Through a regimented fitness and nutritional program you could build muscle, burn fat, lose weight, increase metabolism, develop a healthier heart, and more. Besides the obvious and not so obvious physical benefits of an exercise program, research has shown the positive mental benefits of exercise for our Veterans who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Who is eligible for the program?

Operation Fit-Vet is available to all Veterans who incurred physical/mental injury or illness co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. Though we are dedicated to helping Veterans who served after 9-11 all Veterans are welcome to apply and will be chosen on a case by case basis. Additional Requirements

How it works?

1) Veterans apply for Operation Fit-Vet
2) Our Fit-Vet Committee will choose the applicants based on our current budget
3) Benefits for American Heroes will coordinate with your local group fitness program to secure a 1 year membership for the approved grant recipient