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Affiliates Helping Veterans

Benefits for American Heroes would love to team up with you to offer our American Heroes a comfortable environment where they can realize all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Through Operation Fit-Vet and your local community of fitness-minded individuals our Veterans will not only gain the benefits of being physically healthy but mentally healthy as well.

Benefits of taking part in Operation Fit-Vet:

• Gratitude. You have our appreciation as well as the gratitude of the men and women who served as well as their families you help. You are playing a crucial part in Operation Fit-Vet and through your efforts helping our Veterans get in shape both physically and mentally.
• The yearly memberships you donate may be tax-deductible. (ex. Avg. Crossfit Membership is $150 per month x 12 Months = $1,800 x 2 = $3,600). Please be sure to contact a qualified tax professional with specific questions about your deductions.
• After your first two donated memberships, Benefits for American Heroes will direct any local approved grant recipients to your gym, box, bootcamp, etc… We will pay for their 1 year membership and provide our nutritional program for them to follow. *** Benefits for American Heroes Foundation cannot guarantee all affiliates will receive paid grantee memberships as budget will determine how many grantees will be admitted to the program. Have questions contact us.
• As an Operation Fit-Vet Affiliate you will receive your Name or Company Name listed on our partner page as an Echo Partner. We will also include a link to your company website.

Who can become an Operation Fit-Vet Affiliate?

• All other group fitness classes welcome to apply
Crossfit Affiliates
Bootcamp Instructors
Spinning Instructors
Orange Theory Fitness Affiliates

Want to be a part of Operation Fit-Vet and give back? Here’s how:

• Complete the Affiliate Application
• Donate 2 — 1 year memberships to your gym, box, bootcamp, etc… (2 memberships per year – A Tax-Deductible Receipt will be provided)
• That’s it!
If you have local Veterans who are eligible , please refer them to our website or provide our Application